Norstat France first public appearance

Article 1

Our French Team was part of the “Printemps des Etudes” in Paris

Last 20th and 21st of April, the 6th annual “Printemps des Etudes” took place in Paris.

It is the main professional exhibition for the market research industry in France.

The  “Printemps des Etudes” gathered more than 130 exhibitors, almost 230 speakers with dozens of speeches. This included an inaugural speech from Peter Sherman, Executive VP of Omnicom on the interesting topic “Reconnecting with the consumer”.

6 months after its launch in France, the Norstat France team was part of this major industry event for the first time.  We met a with a large number of visitors on our stand and had a lot of interesting exchanges. We coudl also arrange many first or follow-up meetings with clients and prospects. This made the two days a very intense and exciting experience for our team.

We received a lot of positive feedback from visitors and made multiple connections during this event.  So we can say this experience was not only intense but also very fruitful and productive. Norstat France is glad and proud to be part of the French MR community and to take an active part in such a lovely event.

Norstat celebrates 20 years

2017 is a very special year for Norstat since the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Therefore, we wanted to make our first attendance at the Printemps des Etudes a bit more memorable. We decided to create a quiz about Norstat Group, Norstat France and Norway. The first Prize was a weekend for 2 people in Oslo to experience the very unique Norwegian spirit that is the heart of Norstat.

Many visitors tried their luck on our stand and today we had the final prize draw from all participants. We are delighted to announce that Adeline Baret from Sky Consulting is the lucky winner of this lottery and we can also announce that she got the quiz 100% correct ;-).

Adeline seems to already know a lot about us.

So welcome to Oslo Adeline. We hope you will enjoy your stay.

We want to thank all visitors, clients and prospects for their presence during this event and we are looking forward to seeing you all during the next edition of the PDE!